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  1. Computer Science, Master
  2. Smartphone Software for Department of Computer Science

    Joan Puig, Marina Fernandez, Gurvan Herve, Côme Saint-André

    Computer Science, Master, (Master Programme) 1. term, 2010

    Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  3. Extensive Simulation Based Evaluation of MANET Broadcast Protocols using A Simulation Framework

    Nicolai Larsen, Tue Olesen

    Computer Science, Master, (Master Programme) 4. term, 2002

    Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  4. Computer Science (IT), Master
  5. Compact DTLS 1.2 implementation and a suggestion for improved DTLS-secured multicast topology

    Ivan Kodzhastoyanov

    Computer Science (IT), Master, (Master Programme) 4. term, 2016

    Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  6. Computer Engineering and IT
  7. WiFi 3G Share

    Henning Gørtz Hørstrup, Thomas Skinner-Larsen

    Computer Engineering and IT, (Diploma Programme) 7. term, 2010

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

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