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  1. 2004
  2. Challenges in context-aware mobile information systems: A digital shopping assistant

    Mikkel Andreasen, Anders Fredborg, Robert M. Pedersen

    Informatics, Master, (Master Programme) 4. term (INF10 - Master Thesis), 2004

    Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  3. IKT og Organisatorisk læring - med magtens blik

    Bente Schmidt Nielsen

    Master of ICT and Learning (MIL) (Continuing education), (Continuing Education Programme (Master)) 4. term, 2004

    Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  4. 2002
  5. Interactive 3D Modeling - Artistic Shape Design in Immersive Virtual Environments

    Morten Flyger, Jim Meyer, Kenneth Pedersen

    Computer Science, Master, (Master Programme) 4. term, 2002

    Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

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