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Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  • Jan Sosniecki
  • Christian Vedel Andersen
  • Thomas Claus Christensen
4. term, Master of ICT and Learning (MIL) (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
Abstract in English

Lifelong learning is more than a pedagogical concept: it is a social movement and a goal for educational policies. It is also a historical concept which in the 20th and the 21st centuries has been actualized by globalization and the need for an increasingly flexible workforce.
Thus arose our idea to develop an online tool that can help individuals keep track of their educational achievement (diplomas) and provide an overview of training opportunities. Moreover, the tool must be able to print or share selected information, such as a resume, with an employer, for instance. A key tool is a tag cloud that shows the tags that the user has chosen to associate with notes, links and education. It is our claim that this tag cloud is a visualization of the user's tacit knowledge.
We develop a preliminary model for such a tool using "A simple interaction design lifecycle model” to examine the various design stages combined with J.B. Fogg’s method of Persuasive Technology.
We conduct an interview based on Kvale’s qualitative research interview to uncover whether the theories and the design give the users the outcome we expect, and to see whether the in-formants can give us new insight.
We conclude that we were right in not developing a PLE as more users need to organize their lifelong learning more than they need an "online classroom." Therefore, we describe our tool as a Personal Knowledge Environment (PKE).
We render plausible that there is potential to develop our PKE to a full-fledged online tool which supports the Danish government's objectives for lifelong learning, and to continue re-searching the tag cloud as a visualization of unacknowledged personal knowledge.

Publication date1 Jun 2011
Number of pages93
ID: 52636928