SCRAME: udviklingen af en metode til kreation af spil.

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Søren Veigaard
ABSTRACT The game industry is still young of age. In the seventies and eighties game development started as hobby projects in homes and garages. The development costs where low and a title did not need to sell more than a couple of hundred copies before profit where made. As the technology and the marked have changed game development is now a million dollar business. The team behind a single title can consist of many hundred people, and the sales number has to reach 300-500,000 units to break even. This rapid development has resulted in a number of challenges. Game development has only been accepted as an academic field for a few years. This means that game development research is years behind the field itself, and this could be one of the reasons why the business is struggling to make profits. Compared to other industries like software development, the game business had not had the time to develop methods and techniques for the new and complex times. In this master thesis I have tried to do something about this. In this assignment I have created a game development method. The first step in doing so was to define what a game really is. If you want to investigate which processes that are similar to game development, you have got to know what a game consist of. So this will be step one. Afterwards I want to compare game development to the creation of movies and software systems as these fields have well defined methods and techniques. My research resulted in the finding that games, movies and software systems do not have that much in common. Movies are like games created to entertain, but the process is so much different than the creation of a game. Software consists of code which is an essential part of games as well, but they are used as tools and not to entertain. The conclusion is though that software development properly can be used as a basis for a game development method. The third step was to investigate what kind of problems the game development business is experiencing. In order to do so I used a research made by another student from Aalborg University. The research suggests four problems; internal problems with coordination and planning, adjustment of expectations, estimation and testing problems. The next task in order to create a game development method where to investigate the research already made. In order to do so I read the following writers: Eric Bethke, Chris Crawford, Tracy Fullerton, Bob Bates, Richard Rouse and Dan Irish. The conclusion I made where, that the methods suggested where incoherent and contradictory and basically not a great basis for the development of a game development methodology. Hence I had to search elsewhere. The one thing I did realize during the reading where, that the most important part in a game is that it is entertaining, and that this is a process where the requirements to the game changes all the time. The process most similar to this is the methods used in agile development. This is the software development traditions answer to a methodology that incorporates a process where the requirements are expected to change along the way. The next step where therefore to study the process behind these methods to see if they can find use in game development. With this knowledge I was ready to create a method for game development which I have chosen to call SCRAME. SCRAME is built on an agile framework trying to incorporate a process where the game does not have to be defined in every aspect before development starts. It is done in order to make sure that the game does, what it is supposed to do – entertain. With the SCRAME method I have done what I wanted to do with this master thesis – create a basis for the development of a game development methodology.
Publication date2007
Number of pages85
Publishing institutionInstitut for Kommunikation, Aalborg Universi
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