• Mashudu Salifu
The study explores the urban sanctuary and solidarity cities in Global context - structural
commonalities and differences in urban and municipal policies and practices in integrating
refugees and vulnerable migrants in the Global North Copenhagen, Denmark, and South Accra,
Ghana. Using a thematic analytical research design, and theoretical framework of infrastructure
of solidarity and political opportunity structures, the study revealed structural commonalities
and differences in solidarity cities movement between Accra and Copenhagen. In terms of the
commonalities, the study identified the Integration policies and practices, and Sources of
Refugees and vulnerable migrants to host society as some of the key structural commonalities
in integrating refugees and vulnerable migrants in Copenhagen and Accra. On the other hand,
the identified, Health and housing sanctuary and Labour market integration as part of the
structural differences between the two cities. Indeed, this study has highlighted the critical role
of civil society organizations and city authorities in constructing and consolidating the
solidarity or sanctuary city’s philosophy in the GN, Copenhagen and GS, Accra.
Keywords: Sanctuary cities, Solidarity cities, Refugees, Accra, Copenhagen
Publication date23 Aug 2022
Number of pages80
ID: 483172475