cooperation on common goals: Sammenhæng for borgeren

Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  • Vinnie Ellebæk
This finale Master thesis in “Master in Vulnerable Children and Young People” is an action research project. Focus in this project is changing processes in the multiprofessional co-operation concerning children and young people. The target group in this Master thesis is children who needs a special effort, but not an intrusive effort as with children in direct problems. E.g. children, who shows signs of bad failure of thrive, attended to the Low of Social Services chapter eleven.

According to the curriculum of the education is mandatory, that the Master thesis contains a section of legal content with references to the primary subject of this thesis. In that chapter, I have described the law about notifications of concern for a child from three perspectives; the legal commitment of the professionals before notifying authorities, the Social Services legal commitments, and legal rights for the individual citizen.

During the research for this Master thesis, I have completed two actions. The first was conducted over three conferences, who involved headmasters of nursery’s, schools, children nursing, Educational consultants and social workers. The second action was conducted as a workshop with the social workers functioning as consultants at nurseries and schools.
To analyze the two actions described, I have used the model named PINCOM.

In the Master thesis, I have analyzed the organization I work in, in conjunction to the change processes in the entire municipality. Following that is an analysis of the learning organization according to Peter Senges “Five Disciplines”.

During the research for this thesis, I have recognized the importance of clear objectives in all types of initiatives from management in the organization.

Publication date6 Jun 2017
Number of pages45
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