• Steffen Bisgaard Christensen
  • Niels Tolstrup Mathiasen
  • Kristoffer Momsen Sloth
This Master's thesis examines the current challenges that the larger Danish municipalities are influenced by in accordance with the use of strategic partnering in the Danish construction industry. From there, the opportunities for an expansion of this type of cooperation within the municipal area are further examined and discussed.

The Master's thesis is divided into a Preliminary study, a Main Research and a Closure. The Preliminary study specifies the problem area of the Master's thesis through a presentation of the current situation in the Danish Construction Industry. Subsequently, the problem area is examined through interviews with municipal building owners and selected experts in the field of strategic partnering. The interviews pose a number of challenges for strategic partnering, which are validated through further analysis.

In the analysis, the identified challenges are examined through a PESTEL-model, in which the they are compared with the current market conditions influencing the municipal building owners. It can hereby be concluded that the challenges are included within political, economical, sociocultural and legal factors. The challenges are hereby further discussed to identify possible solutions for the use of strategic partnering within the Danish municipalities. Hereby, the strongest possibilities are assessed to include the sociocultural aspects of change.
Publication date8 Jun 2018
Number of pages280
External collaboratorREBUS
Hans Blinkilde hsb@ncc.dk
Information group
ID: 280589213