• Pernille Maria Voss
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
The theme for this thesis is a Chapel and Crematorium in Sæbygård Skov near Sæby in Vendsyssel – the northern part of Denmark. The project takes its starting point in the creating of a special and meaningful experience in relation to the death and the human’s last journey. The Chapel and Crematorium establish dignity and intimacy around the death and creates a narrative about the last journey. Religion in Denmark is marked by pluralism and is a multi-ethnic society. The intention behind the Chapel and Crematorium in Sæbygård Skov is to address this multi-ethnic society. The location in the forest creates an entirety between experience and atmosphere. The scenic context and the genius loci are incorporated in the Chapel and Crematorium and affect the visual expression and atmosphere. This creates a connection between landscape, space and atmosphere which altogether generates the settings for the last goodbye. Daylight and artificial light has been the academic focal point throughout the thesis. In the project light has been used to create atmosphere by using it to emphasise construction and materiality. This gives the Chapel and Crematorium texture and depth. Light as an architectural effect fosters interaction between spatiality, functions and atmosphere in the Chapel and Crematorium, which captures the last farewell and the genius loci.
Publication date2008
Number of pages150
Publishing institutionAOD
ID: 14421560