• Sergio David Rodriguez Bermudez
This work takes interest on analyzing the business and socio-economical effects that hybridization can have on NIZ localities. To this end, the above mentioned problem will be investigated using the municipality of Cumaribo as case study. Cumaribo has a population in its municipal seat of 4.486 inhabitants that enjoy a 24 hours energy service based on diesel generation. Interviews with energy consultants, extensive literature review, and numerical modeling have been carried out to present insight on this problem. Business economical, policy and stakeholder analyses make part of this insight.
Energy system calculations in this work are done based on an optimization model called HOMER. From the model results, the financial effects of hybridization were calculated for different stakeholders in Cumaribo municipality. Finally, a discussion of these results is conducted and presented.
SpecialisationSustainable Energy Planning and Management
Publication date11 Sept 2017
Number of pages55
ID: 262392516