Roundabout at Øster Lindet

Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  • Kim Kjærsgaard
7. term, Civil Engineering (Diploma Programme)
This project was developed by Kim Kjærsgaard, closing the Bachelor of Civil engineering
at Aalborg Universitet in Esbjerg. The project has been divided into three reports, Main Report, Placement Report and Design Report.
The project was selected to acquire knowledge and experience in the design of roundabouts in open country and is projected out from Vejdirektoratets handbooks in road design (Vejregler). Although a design of a road follows the current rules, this in itself does not guarantee the solution has a good road safety.
The project will therefore include road safety from the current level of knowledge, and covers placement selection, and design of a roundabout at Øster Lindet.
SpecialisationStructural and Civil Engineering
Publication date13 Jan 2015
Number of pages64
ID: 207698070