• Daniela Wohlschlager
In the EU’s latest energy & climate package Clean Energy for all Europeans, the concept of Local Energy Communities is recognised as a facilitator for reaching a cost-efficient transition towards renewable energies. According to the proposals, adjustments of national regulation on distribution systems is required to enable the development of such local energy systems. The Thesis analyses relevant changes for the case study of Sweden by applying the overall methodology of the Choice Awareness theory. A cooperation with a Swedish DSO allows an assessment of the purpose of LECs within Swedish distribution grids and a business-economic impact calculation. Supplemented by interviews with the DSO and the regulatory body, relevant regulatory changes are identified. These include the economic incentive regulation, concession rights, connection charges, rules on roles and responsibilities including storage operation as well as shift of power for decision-making processes.
SpecialisationSustainable Energy Planning and Management
Publication date8 Jun 2018
Number of pages103
External collaboratorE.ON
Luis Arturo Hernandez Salmeron luis.hernandez@eon.com
ID: 280596185