• Deema Lama
This project looks into two core matters regarding decentralized identity management: The role of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in the digital identity wallet ecosystem, ,and how DLTs can support principles of Self-Sovereign Identity.

In this study, the European Digital Identity Wallet has been taken as a reference to look into both core matters. Different available DLTs have been studied and compared to explore the viability of the DLTs in the wallet ecosystem. The research has been conducted in a qualitative way. The data were collected from secondary resources which are mainly journals, articles, white papers, and from an expert consultation.

The research findings/outcomes of this study show that there are some opportunities to use DLTS, however, the challenges prevail too. Despite the challenges, DLTs help in realizing the potential of the EU-DIDW in many ways such as the use of DLT as a data registry allowing storage of DIDs of users that provide a secure way of mutual authentication. Further, it can facilitate cross-border transactions in a simpler and less time consuming manner. It allows users to have control on different attributes of their personal information in a safe and secure manner.

Publication date11 Aug 2022
Number of pages67
ID: 481638113