• Alina Grecu
Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to look at the literature on Organizational adaptation in order to investigate how adaptation has been conceptualized by researchers and to examine the relationship between adaptation and performance of a sample of 185 retailers in Denmark.
Methodology: Adopting positivist philosophy and a descriptive correlational research design, , this thesis is using both primary and secondary data in order to capture the impact of retail in Denmark and whether there are certain adaptation types that drive to positive performance outcomes.
Findings: The association between adaptation strategies and performance cannot be generalized for all retailers and the thesis provides empirical insight by looking at different types of retailers, but takes a closer look also at the implications of e-commerce on retailing industry in Denmark.
Practical implications: The aim of the thesis is twofold, providing an analysis at the macro-economic level in terms of the implications of e-commerce on retailing industry in the Northern Jutland region of Denmark, but also an analysis at the firm micro level by investigating how retailers responded to the changes in their environment.
Publication date2017
Number of pages99
ID: 259220175