• Mirian Cecilia Guairacaja Soque
Responsible Businesses in Rural Denmark? Challenging the geographies of CSR is a Master thesis project delving into geographical proximity as part of the areas where business have influence; as this occur outside of the standard way of understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which do not consistently support the application strategies towards social, economic and environmental issues embedded in the geographical proximity where business have operations, as is reflected in the lack of local business interventions in rural municipalities.

Therefore in this investigation it is sought to identify local business strengths and potentials towards implementation of systemic SCR initiatives in rural municipalities of Denmark, assuming that businesses located in rural municipalities can apply CSR by addressing social, economic and environmental issues embedded in the municipality where they have operations.

This investigation provides an explorative Case Study of Systemic Corporate Social Responsibility in the Jammerbugt Municipality, which is representative because exemplifies the median average municipality in a region where ten of eleven municipalities are delimitated as rural (Stedet Tæller 2011).

The Findings emphasize the importance of culture and context of the local area and the inclusion of civil society for the planning of strategies, and the utilization of triple helix as a tool for CSR
Publication date10 Dec 2012
Number of pages74
ID: 71454202