Responder's Inquiry - Spikes

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Rikke Hagensby Jensen
  • Kenneth Hallberg Brodersen
4. term, Software, Master (Master Programme)
Our software industry are increasingly coming under pressure from countries with lower production cost. To remain competitive we must shift focus from just producing software to developing software that offer a high degree of value towards user and society. With other words, we must be innovative. From a developer’s point of view such innovation can arise through the experimentation and exploration into the technology in search for new and unforeseen value propositions. Our 9\textsuperscript{th} semester project showed that such exploration can be hard to manage and structure.

This master thesis project present our effort into making innovation a part of a developer's everyday activities. We see this in the light of Essence, a development methodology supporting the innovative software team. We introduce an activity that will help structure a developer’s exploration into the affordances the technology provides. We call this activity a Spike. To help frame our proposal we base our efforts on theory from the philosophic view of pragmatism, and the idea that we must experiment and explore a situated problem to understand its meaning.

We experiment with the Spike on our produced solution from our 9\textsuperscript{th} semester project. \ps is a system assisting in the rehabilitation of patients. It accomplish this by utilising the Kinect sensors to verify that exercises are performed correctly and on time. Through the application of the Spike we hope to identify new and interesting ideas.
Publication date17 Jun 2013
Number of pages89
ID: 77694497