Resocialisering versus prisonisering

Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  • Claus Thygesen
  • Janne Byrdal Holm Jensen
7. term, Social Work, Bachelor (Professional Bachelor Programme)
This project intends to examine how the phenomena rehabilitation and prisonization can be experienced by inmates in Danish prisons. The project will also address how the simultaneous action of these two contradictory influences may affect the individual's identity in accordance with the intended rehabilitation. Another main focus of the project is whether these conflicting influences can cause barriers to the professional social work performed within the prison by professionals. This project will achieve this by interviewing three former inmates. Knowledge gained following these interviews were analyzed through selected theory by Pierre Bourdieu's theory of fields and Erwing Goffman's theory of institution. Through these analytical theories, we achieved an understanding of the prison as a defined field and the official and unofficial rules which are in play. These findings were afterwards analyzed by Donald Clemmers theory called Prisonization and findings by Anja Leavins. Ours analyzes main points leads to a discussion concerning the relationship between rehabilitation and prisonization based on two perspectives, respectively the inmates and the staffs. The project concludes that there indeed is a connection between theory and practice. The project concludes that prisoners' identities are affected in two contradictory directions, one of which causes barriers to the professional social work.

Publication date5 Jan 2016
Number of pages77
ID: 225243060