• Martin Alexander Thomasen
  • Jan Hansen
4. semester, Sports Science, Master (Master Programme)
Abstract: Background: the aim of this systematic narrative review is to identify the effects of isotonic resistance training interventions on change of direction performance and differentiate the effect of different types of RT interventions, used within the literature, on force and velocity-based CODs.

Method: A systematic block search was performed in Scopus, PubMed and SPORTDiscus. Studies were eligible for inclusion if they contained RT interventions with specific measures of COD and RT. Studies not containing control groups, outcome measures related to RT and COD performance, or isotonic loading schemes were excluded.

Result: 23 studies were included in this review, seven studies used combined PT and RT, nine studies used conventional RT and seven studies used variations of RT. 12 studies found significant improvements to COD following RT interventions.

Discussion: The 23 included studies were divided into three groups, Combined, Conventional and Mixed. The combined group found significant improvements in 42.8% of studies, conventional found 77% of studies improving COD performance significantly, and mixed found 28.5% of studies improved COD performance significantly. Of the nine studies in conventional RT, only one study reported training experience. Five studies in the mixed group reported using RT experienced subjects, and one study in the combined group reported RT experience in their subjects. There is a tendency for the training experience to influence the results of RT induced impro
Publication date1 Jun 2021
Number of pages27
ID: 413428219