'Requirements Management: setting the course for a complex process'

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Jeppe Klausen
  • Gauri Varma
  • Karsten Stig Andersen
  • Louise Dalum Hvid
4. term (INF10 - Master Thesis), Informatics, Master (Master Programme)
'The topic of this project is requirements management within information systems development, where requirements processes are examined using plan-driven and agile approaches. Four paradigms are introduced, in order to give an alternative view of the field. The paradigms are exemplified by four project managers. A project proposal is introduced as an assignment to the functionalist project manager, and is discussed amongst the managers, in order to nuance the understanding of the project. The outcome of the discussion, is the choice, to employ a refined version of OOA&D. The project is divided into three parts: Part one is a literature survey on what is written about evolving and changing requirements in the academic literature. Part two is a journey of four project managers in search for a development method. Part three contains a reflection, literature critique, and topics for further research.'
Publication dateJun 2006
ID: 61068253