• Mateusz Ochal
4. term, Global Refugee Studies, Master (Master Programme)
The following study extensively analyzed the creation of media image of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants over period that covered 2015 British Parliamentary Elections. 2015 encountered the biggest rise in the number of asylum applications in Europe, and it became a core issue utilized in the public discourse in the context of asylum and immigration state policies. Dominance of anti-immigrant right-wing parties within numerous European states in the wake of the migrant crisis, became a reason to focus on the election period in particular.

In order to study the newspaper discourse on RASIM – Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Immigrants - both a theory of new racism (Baker 1981) and critical discourse analysis (Wodak 2009) have been applied. New Racism served for analyzing racist discourses and the othering processes. Interpretation of negative ideologies was hence performed and deconstructed. Critical discourse analysis with the discourse-historical approach contributed greatly to the deconstruction. Understanding ideologies behind the discourse would be impossible without the methods included in CDA.

It was found that the media discourse on RASIM in 2015 in the United Kingdom was indeed socially constitutive and conditioned. Different ideologies were in place and played an important part in shaping a particular image of RASIM, depending on the social and political context chosen by the media source.
Publication date4 Jan 2016
Number of pages38
ID: 225387144