• Ingibjörg Bryndis Árnadóttir
4. term, Global Refugee Studies, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis attempts to understand the nexus between religion and international development in development studies. For the past two decades, scholars have claimed that religion is returning to the development field, due to world events that have paved for this ‘comeback’ to take place and subsequently, the interest in development studies journals (Tomlin, 2015). Others have argued that religion never went anywhere but have been gradually pushing its presence to the public sphere (Casanova, 1994). This research is a case study of the Catholic Relief Services, a US based faith-based organization (FBO), using reports and documents from CRS in order to understand secularism and religion in international development. Using Foucault’s discourse analysis, this research explores how CRS has navigated and adapted their religious identity in a secular world system (Berger, 2014) through the past nearly eight decades and attempts to explore trends in international development related to religion.
Publication date17 May 2021
Number of pages56
ID: 411870274