• Jonas Kazimieras Bjerre Hansen
As the audience for live streaming big events is growing, resolution requirements increasing and low latency in high demand, broadcasters are compelled to look for innovation on how to efficiently stream video, as the cost for distribution is rising. This project presents a solution to solve the problem using QUIC with multicast integration that works by keeping the convenient features of the existing QUIC protocol, with built-in security, reliability and the retransmission features on unicast. The solution is utilizing RLNC encoding to ensure reliable transmission on any IP multicast supported network, while transmitting the video content on a multicast stream, and using unicast to do packet acknowledgement, retransmission and initialization. A system architecture where the unicast is taking place over the public internet, while multicasting over a managed network, connected to setup boxes at customer premises, or in gateways close to the end clients. This results in having the last mile to be in standard unicast HTTP/2 connection, so all video playback devices with an internet connection, can enjoy a low latency high quality live stream.
SpecialisationTelecom Infrastructure
Publication date3 Jun 2021
Number of pages49
ID: 413674693