Reliability updating of existing bridges based on proof loading

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Jelena Perisa
4. term, Structural and Civil Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
This masters thesis investigates how proof loading
could be used to reassess the reliability level of
existing bridges. When the resistance of the bridge
is greater than the applied proof load, the bridge
is considered to be safe and the test successful.
The first part of this thesis presents modern
state-of-the-art assessments of previous work done
by different researchers. This is to give an overview
of the effort done to see how, when using reliability
analysis, the bridges can be safely designed so as
to utilise their maximum capacity.
The stochastic model is established in Chapter 3,
with which the reliability analysis is carried out
for the generic limit state equation. The results
are presented for EN 1990 standard CC2 and CC3
consequence classes. Based on the sensitivity measures it was possible to determine which stochastic
variables could be updated in order to update the
reliability level of existing bridge.
Bayesian decision theory, introduced in Chapter 4,
is used to update the reliability level of existing
concrete bridge based on proof loading. The
updated failure probabilities and corresponding
reliability indices indicated which proof load level
is required to obtain the sufficient reliability level
of structure.
Future aspects were mentioned in Conclusion.
Publication date10 Sep 2021
Number of pages82
ID: 443813444