• Lars Holm Jespersen
  • Danny Tamsen
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
In this study we examined whether a tablet game could work as a rehabilitative tool for patients with cognitive impairments. More specifically, whether it was possible to achieve a restoration of the visual field for patients suffering from left sided visual neglect. Through three tests and redesign iterations a game was created allowing a quantification of a patient’s reaction time, visual field limits, and their general touch precision. The implemented design shows promise, and results show that it is possible to detect whether a patient suffers from left sided visual neglect, with significantly higher reaction time on left side target identification. There was tendencies for an expansion of the visual field for some patients, however not significantly. The simplistic game also proved usable for unassisted training. This opens up the possibility for the further development of gamified tools aimed at rehabilitating patients with cognitive impairments.
Publication date26 May 2014
Number of pages45
External collaboratorBrønderslev Neurorehabiliteringscenter
Therapeut Dorte Ricther dorte.richter@rn.dk
ID: 198111020