• Jacob Lynge
7. term, Electronic and Computer Engineering (Diploma Programme)
The focus of this report is to create a
functioning knee brace prototype, which
can be used to monitor the range of movement
of surgically repaired knee. This is
done by using a sensor to determine the
angle between the lower leg and upper
leg. Another focus area of this report
is to try and implement motor assisted
movement in the brace, since this will
aid the recovering knee while it is try to
regain control.

This prototype will have a controlling
unit, which will have to handle the
output from the sensor used for angle
monitoring, and the control of the motor
used for the motor assisted movement
part. For the motor assistance part a
control system will be implement.

The prototype knee brace will have to
be designed and fabricated personally,
which means a review of how this can be
done will be performed.

The final prototype ended up being fully
functional, however the motor used was
not implemented on the brace itself, but on
a hinge to show the proof-of-concept. The
project status can be viewed as a success,
where the areas left as proof-of-concepts
showed great promise.
Publication date10 Jan 2017
Number of pages71
ID: 249121877