• Morten Lund Nielsen
The thesis report addresses the institutional opportunities and challenges in the planning of SUDS projects. As future climate change will lead to increased rainfall and this will be particularly challenging in urban areas. Because large quantities of rainwater are drained to the sewer system as a result of large paved areas.The thesis report uses Aalborg Municipality as a case study to examine which approach the Environment and Energy Administration and Sewage Utility Company has SUDS. This study is based on Scott's "Three Pillars of Institutions" to research the regulative, normative and cultural-cognitive aspects that influence the administration and the Sewage Utility Company approach to SUDS. Further, the appropriate documents from the municipality will be analyzed.
Document analysis shows that there is a lack of coherence between all the documents in terms of how they deal with the management of rainwater. The Documents have different focus, The Waste Water Plan and Vision 2100 largely deals with separated sewer pipes and other technical solutions. While The Sustainability Strategy, The Climate Strategy and Municipal Plan involves both separate sewer and other alternative solutions including SUDS.
The Environment and Energy Administration greatly influenced by both normative and cultural-cognitive aspects when dealing with SUDS. Furthermore, The Environment Energy Administra-tion understands that rainwater have a recreational value for the citizens in Aalborg Municipality.
Aalborg Sewer Utilities is greatly affected by the regulatory and cultural-cognitive aspects as The Sewage Utility must follow the legislation on the water sector area. Furthermore, The Sewage Utility a clear views on desirable solutions are best seen from a technical, environmental and economic perspective.
These different approaches have great influence on the cooperation between The Environment and Energy Administration and The Sewage Utility, since there is disagreement about solutions and their applications.
SpecialisationEnvironmental Management and Sustainability Science
Publication date4 Jun 2014
Number of pages80
ID: 198544058