• Iben Rosa Thrane Thomsen
  • Dorte Pilgaard Krogshede Meldgaard
Digital assistants have the potential to aid individuals in various domains and have proven beneficial in supporting natural ways of communicating. However, tools to assist individual reflection on collaborative activities have received little attention. To explore how digital assistants can be used to support this purpose, we developed ReflectPal, an application deployed through Google Assistant. ReflectPal was tested through a two-week in-situ deployment. The results showed that digital assistants are suitable and capable of supporting individuals in reflecting on their own behavior in collaborative activities and that structured reflection patterns can lead to deeper and more meaningful reflection. Although purely voice-based interaction to promote reflection still seems like a remote objective from a technical point of view, we show promising results in using this technology to support reflection, for example, by employing text-based input as a fallback option for how to interact.
Publication date10 Jun 2020
Number of pages13
ID: 333980659