• Sabine Bisgaard Fredberg
  • Camilla Voergaard Kjer
4. Term, Sustainable Design (M.SC) (Master Programme)
In urban development, in Copenhagen, the iconic construction of Bispeenbuen is facing a coming restoration which has led to an initiation of a design process in which alternatives are presented as a transformation of the arch and city district. The arch represents a grey infrastructure regime in which housing and transportation have been prioritized over urban nature. It has been questioned whether cities have the possibility to combat the current climate and biodiversity crisis. However, the academic literature has revealed a need for focusing on value creation in working with Nature-based Solutions through imaginaries and scenarios.

Therefore, this master thesis was conducted to challenge the field of Nature-based Solutions and urban nature has created a framework for analyzing the possibilities of creating regime adjustments. Through an empirical investigation of regime incumbent actors at the consultancy Sweco, a conceptualization of a management tool is proposed in the Nature Wheel. In conclusion, using the Nature Wheel on the transformation of Bispeengbuen has shown how it is possible to design for regime adjustments through the use of socio-technical experiments in the coming transformation of Bispeengbuen. With these socio-technical experiments, practitioners working with Nature-based Solutions in Copenhagen can learn to exploit rigid regime structures to create regime adjustments.
Publication date3 Jun 2022
Number of pages108
External collaboratorSweco AB
Engineer, landscape architect and DGNB consultant Camilla Hvid camilla.hvid@sweco.dk
ID: 472056294