• Tina Jakobsen
4. Term, Information Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
The aim of this thesis has been to research how single page checkout can be structured when implementing persuasive design through information architecture using classical rheto-ric as persuasion framework, based on the three forms of appeal.The theoretical aspect has been based on theory within checkout, information architecture focusing on navigation, labeling and organization, persuasive design and the three forms of appeal. Through collabo-ration with a webshop named Wheelsshop.dk and a web bureau named Tigermedia the re-search and redesign of a single page checkout has been conducted. The study has had its philosophical origins in the fields of social constructivism and has been based on user cen-tered design. From this perspective the methods used for data gathering have been intro-duced within the framework of information ecology examining context, content and users. Through research meetings with both Wheelsshop and Tigermedia knowledge within the context has been gathered. A competitive benchmarking was done for gathering knowledge and compare single page checkouts including Wheelsshop‘s test checkout. A contextual in-quiry was conducted to investigate the users and study their experience of the checkout be-fore any design optimization was done. Through the research it was found that to create a redesign for Wheelsshop.dk‘s single page checkout 20 statements should be followed. It was found that it is helpful to use the forms of appeal as foundation for structuring the information architecture through persuasive principles. It helps clarify the purpose for the structure of a checkout and thereby the intention becomes exposed
Publication date19 Oct 2015
Number of pages161
External collaboratorTignermedia
medchef Frederik Banke fb@tigermedia.dk
ID: 220342982