• Krisjanis Urcs
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
Re:Voir is an experimental film distribution company that wants to create subscription-based video
streaming service. In this project, we find out what characterizes experimental films is and how they can
be divided into categories. We explore state of the art literature about recommendation systems and
analyse state of the art services such as Netflix and Youtube, and create a custom recommendation system
tailored to experimental film. This project creates a pattern for implementation based on previous
researchers. By trying to implement some of the generalised systems in the most adequate way. The main
goal is to help Re:voir develop a recommender system corresponding to the research in this project. As
Re:voir is a niche company the best way to achieve the goal is to follow the approach of the evolution of
the internet from the ground up. This way they will acquire data the most efficient way possible and
further build their data analysis. Lastly, we create a user interface design, based on current trends in this
Publication date31 May 2018
Number of pages69
External collaboratorRe:Voir
Pip Chodorov pip@re-voir.com
ID: 280232612