• Emmanouil Kanellis
  • Georgi Valentinov Vasov
4. term, Computer Science (IT), Master (Master Programme)
Fix wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles require a high degree of operational flexibility. There are numerous application that require the UAV to land in a limited space location. Fix wing UAV deep stall auto descent anding method is a way to perform such landing maneuver. However, a sophisticated precise control algorithm has to be implemented. This can be accomplished by expressing the maneuver as an Optimal Control Problem, taking advantage of the non-linear mathematical model acting on the fix wing UAV during flight. The Optimal Control Problem is solved in an open source optimization framework called ACADO Toolkit. Furthermore, the implementation of a nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) can drive the UAV running on embedded device. The purpose of this thesis is to present the process of implementing a real-time NMPC algorithm on an embedded device.
Publication date6 Jun 2016
Number of pages85
ID: 234834160