• Pia Damkjær Axelsen
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
This project deals with the Danish motorway rest stops. These places are today very much designed with a pure focus on functionality and are not very accommodating for a mental recharge. The project explores the potential of making the rest stop something more than an uninteresting possibility for resting. This is obtained with a focus on experience, landscape and urban quality. The project is to be seen as an input to the discussion about the rest stops. It is therefore more a proposal of ideas than it is to be understood as a concrete design proposal. The new rest stop are formed as a bridge going over the motorway, containing a public domain. The bridge makes the rest stop visible from the motorway and it connects to the local area, which in the case of the project consists of a significant nature area and a future development area. Parking is placed underneath the bridge in a shaped landscape that fits into the terrain of the area. The form of the bridge takes inspiration in the flow of water, which gives it a dynamic expression that is in dialogue with the flow space underneath.
Publication date2009
Publishing institutionAalborg universitet
ID: 17676350