• Anda Varna
  • Carla Johanna Bermeo Vizcaino
  • Julita Borys
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
Climate change is a challenge we cannot escape, therefore planning and urban design must consider its consequences and ensure the resilience and sustainability of current and future cities. Urbanisation and human activity have increased greenhouse gas emissions and pressure on our ecosystem, causing increasing temperatures that result in raising sea levels, drought and heavy rainfalls.

Northern cities such as Randers, Denmark face increase in heavy rainfalls and flooding, therefore water management is a key element in sustaining quality of life and protecting the city from extreme weather events. With the point of departure in academic literature and case studies, followed by site analysis, topics of resilience strategies, nature-based solutions and livability will be investigated to identify strategies for climate change adaptation and design for people.

This thesis will explore the synergies between stormwater management and urban design that can enhance public spaces and contribute to city growth while transforming water from a threat into an asset and new identity of Randers. The design proposal suggests a water management strategy for the inner city and harbour area and presents a transformation of the boulevard into an attractive and lively public space with unique characters, stitched by a green and blue thread.
Publication date23 May 2019
Number of pages125
External collaboratorRanders Kommune
no name vbn@aub.aau.dk
ID: 304131729