Radio Link Modelling for Relay Deployment in Urban Macro-cells

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Ignacio Rodriguez
Relaying is a potential solution to improve coverage and capacity at cell edge in LTE-Advanced. To achieve this objectives, it is critical to have a very good connection in the backhaul link between the relay node and the base station. When this is possible, the overall SINR and throughput in the network improve.

To study this link, a measurement campaign was performed in the urban area of Aalborg. Based on the results obtained, this study concludes that the use of relay nodes is beneficial under specific conditions (relay antenna height and type, environment).

Path loss models play an important role in the design of cellular systems and different models can be applied to characterize the different links in a relayed network so a comparative with the measurements was done.
Publication date31 May 2011
Number of pages119
ID: 52685552