• Cecilie Kobbelgaard
  • Maria Holmegaard
4. term, Industrial Design, Master (Master Programme)
This project - Shout Out Light - deals with the development of a hands-on interaction exhibition installation and takes its starting point in a self-developed taxonomy of experience in close collaboration with Danfoss Universe, a science theme park in the south of Jutland.
The interaction and the design of the exhibition installation are based on the experience of the guest, where a user centered approach has been predominant through both prototyping and the development of personas. The goal of Shout Out Light is to give the guest both a WOW and an AHA experience.
Shout Out Light builds upon a technology where energy can be created from sound waves and uses the guests’ own sound through them shouting to create a new and innovative staging of alternative energy sources.
Publication date21 May 2012
Number of pages125
ID: 63232296