• Josefine Thordahl Risom
4. term, Psychology, Master (Master Programme)
Objectives: The aim of this systematic literature review was to examine what trauma reactions to expect and how they could present in the mink farmers in Denmark following the culling of all mink and permanent shutdown of the mink breeding. With this in mind this thesis examined the following research question:

How will the trauma reactions posttraumatic stress, acute stress, depression and anxiety present in the mink farmers following the culling of all mink as well as the shut-down of the breeding trade.

This review aim to give an idea of what to expect in the period to come, so that the health care system in Denmark are able to find a way of helping the mink farmers.

Methods: This ongoing crisis for the mink farmers are unique in the way that no similar occurrence has happened for this population in Denmark. Therefore a literature source had to be broadened to include comparable traumas. Already during the pilot search it became evident, that not enough research has been made for farmers where an epidemic, pandemic or endemic resulted in culling of livestock as a measure to control infection. Thus, it was decided to conduct two separate searches, where one search focused on the more narrow farmer-search and the second search, the accident-search, were more broad and made to include terror attacks and extensive industrial accidents as exposure. Inclusion criteria were made to minimize bias and ensure comparability with the mink crisis.

Results: The literature search resulted in a total of 107 hits for the farmer-seach and 2.628 hits for the accident-search respectively. The search databases used were Pub-Med and PsycInfo. The screening process 4 articles were selected from the farmer-search and 26 articles for the accident-search.
The final synthesis showed evidence for an increased risk of posttraumatic stress, acute stress, depression and worsening of mental health. None of the included studies had results for anxiety as an isolated disorder, so no synthesis for this trauma reaction could be achieved.
Conclusion: The included studies are not identical in exposure to the one in focus for the research question, therefore a discussion were had on the differences and the impact thereof. This discussion emphasizes the need for a critical take on the results, when concluding on the research question.
Publication dateJun 2021
Number of pages42
ID: 414480180