• Anders Fugmann Christensen
  • Tanja Thomassen
4. term, Public Health, Master (Master Programme)
Background: Through the last decade, political controlled organizations have been the subject of many changes. Changes that have shown to have a negative impact on the psychological work environment. The side effect of many changes can also be reflected in unintended consequences such as increased absenteeism.
Objective: The aim of the thesis is to develop a model that can be used to better manage change and the preceding changes, so that the negative impact of the psychological work is reduced, thereby reducing the risk factors of a poor psychological work environment.
Method: This thesis has been conducted through a mixed methods research design and contains three sub-studies: a literature study, a questionnaire and nine semi-structured interviews. Where possible Niklas Luhmann's system theory and his theory of trust as well as John Kotter's theory of change have been used as a theoretical foundation in a deductive approach for all the three sub-studies.
Results: Negative influences of the psychological work derived from changes in a politically controlled organization have unintended consequences for employees, among other things in the form of increased absenteeism in the workplace and dissatisfaction among staff. The difference in the experience of change, systems and skills and a lack of sense of urgency have shown to be areas that create negative impacts on the psychological work.
Conclusion: A lack of focus has been on the elements that come before a change, but which are significant in relation to reducing negative consequences in the dissatisfaction among staff affecting the psychological workplace environment. The concepts preceding a successful implementing of change are “Trust, Communication and Understanding”.
Keywords: Change, psychological workplace environment, organization, politically controlled organization, systems theory, workshop, trust, communication, understanding, absenteeism.
Publication date29 May 2015
Number of pages127
ID: 213198703