• Mario Garcia Burguete
This report consists of a systematic review examining the aspects of BIM and LPS; specifically, how BIM can benefit the use of LPS, which is the research question. In order to find the answer of the research question, three sub questions are considered.
The first research question concerns the contribution of BIM to Lean Construction, how the BIM functionalities interact with the Lean principles. The second research question highlights which BIM functionalities have higher impact on the benefits of LPS among all the listed functionalities, why communication of information is important in construction and how it can be improved. Lastly, the last research question refers to the development of a process that integrates the use of BIM combined with LPS, to be used for the implementation or as a step of CDP for a system development.
Publication date8 Jun 2018
Number of pages76
KeywordsLPS, BIM, LEAN
ID: 280603192