• Peter Gade
4. term, Building Informatics (cand.tech.), Master (Master Programme)
This thesis is a product of the last semester on the education (Danish title) - Cand. Scient. Techn. in building informatics (English title) Master of Science and Technology in building informatics from Aalborg University, and is created provide a foundation for companies to improve practices with process based knowledge sharing. The main objective for the thesis is how to make internal processes in a construction consulting company tangible for everyone, and how it is possible to utilize the processes as a base for knowledge sharing, analyzing and improving. The thesis focuses on analyzing company and employee needs for a new IT system that supports current practice. The new system will be expressed as a functional model, where a list of possible existing solutions is presented to increase the company’s total quality. The context is mainly based on the cooperation with the architectural company C.F. Møller (CFM). And an agreement between CFM and the author has created a foundation that provides for a mutual gain of knowledge in the fields of study. The thesis will provide internal surveys that are a part of the Quality-manager Lars Christiansen’s work. Due to being newly appointed as the new Quality-manager for CFM, surveys will provide insight on how the level of quality is conducted within the company, and related to the current work-practices. Because of this, the surveys will be used in the future work to improve quality in CFM. Besides the Danish case, the thesis will also compare data from the Thailand-based architectural company, Whitespace. This data will contribute international context of issues and ways to approaches that render the thesis outcome international viable.
The final output will be a master thesis, which will both give insight in existing processes in CFM and Whitespace, and give a suggestion of how to improve internal processes, based on a knowledge-sharing foundation in a groupware environment.
Publication date10 Jan 2012
Number of pages147
External collaboratorC.F. Møller
Kvalitetschef Lars Christiansen lch@cfmoller.com
Information group
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