• Andreas Madsen
  • Esben Bach
4. term, Computer Science, Master (Master Programme)
This report examines the area of procedural generated content, more specifically procedural generation of humanoid characters. The work presented extends upon an analysis of which methods are suitable for generating such models. The analysis suggest that procedurally generating humanoids is best done using principal components analysis. Only the generation of the surface mesh is considered in the analysis i.e. no texture data is generated. Based on the analysis we present a design for an application which can be used by graphics artist in association with their modeling editor. The application utilizes principal components analysis, reference fitting and genetic algorithms to provide an easy method for generating models. Based on the application implemented we conclude that it is possible to generate humanoid models using principal components analysis, however there is room for improvement. The test carried out do little to show the degree of variation which can be achieved in the generation process. Likewise the method developed for making the model generation intuitive is not successful, given the small amount of test data.
Publication dateJun 2007
ID: 61070842