• Stefan Reinholdt Jørgensen
In the project, the concept of privacy- enhancing identity and access manage- ment technologies is explored. In the report, several of such technologies are identified, described, analysed for use in an enterprise context where dig- ital interactions with individuals are present. The goal is to establish if such technologies can enhance the individ- ual’s privacy in this relation. The main goal of the problems is to establish if such technologies are feasible to use in this context and how they can be utilised. The method to conclude if this is possible so with the use of a series of scenarios. In the report two scenar- ios with several use cases are created, where interactions between individuals and enterprises exist. These scenarios are used in the implementation to show- case a feasible solution for the speci- fied problem field. The analysis is con- sequently done only according to the specified use cases and may be consid- ered inadequate for a practical, real-life implementation. Furthermore, the pro- posed architecture is made to demon- strate the solution. Overall, the goal is not an actual design of a system that can be used in practice, but a study showcasing the usefulness of such tech- nologies for this context.
SpecialisationService Development
Publication date6 Dec 2018
Number of pages88
ID: 291121160