• Joachim Klyssing Jensen
  • Anders Linde Fejerskov
This report studies the possibilities within positive experiences and social support in regards to stress in commuters. In this report, the authors use research on positive experience and social support by Hassenzahl and McGrady to create Carpool, an interactive communication platform for commuters to share their commute with colleagues, to preemptively influence subjective stressors and leverage that to influence perceived stress. A research through design study was conducted with three co-workers where they used the mobile application: Carpool for a week, and they rate Carpool as useful, easy to use and an overall good experience. The results also show that objective stressors are perceived as less severe when talking to colleagues, and time is perceived as passing faster. The results from the study also indicate negative aspects, such as elevated stress due to design flaws, increased demand of attention to conversations during the commute, lacking audio feedback and coordination difficulties. The report concludes that there is a lack of research regarding preventive stress management in the context of commuting.
Publication date10 Jun 2021
Number of pages27
ID: 414421974