• Thomas Haahr Jensen
  • Kasper St√łttrup
This report is the product of an follow up study of PhD "`HOW TO CREATE AN EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT BUILDING PROCESS"' by Kristian Ditlev Bohnsted, Aalborg Universitet, where eight components basicly concludes to improve a efficient cooperation in the danish building industry. This reports point of origin is in the aforementioned eight components, where the purpose is to develop a agile and practical tool which includes instruments for situationel solutions - simpel, clear and productive. The result of this work is a pamphlet, in english called: "`MANAGEMENTTOOLS - A WAY FOR A BETTER COOPERATION IN THE DANISH BUILDING INDUSTRY"' which is targeted for the leading parties of the building industry, in an attempt to improve the cooperation. The pamphlet is developed in a situational form, hence it target its seven instruments by part and contract. The seven instruments of the tool deals with start-up, communication, goalsetting, conflict, evaluation, reward, deals and is primarily developed by using deduction, among other by searching the literary landscape, and know theories and experiences. They are verified by useing deduction, such as qualitative interviews by an representative group from the danish construction sector, and an analysis of it.
Publication date1 Jun 2016
Number of pages89
ID: 234536889