Predictive real-time control of Danish sewer systems

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Emil Nielsen
This project is about predictive real-time control of Danish sewer systems. Two strategies
for controlling sewer systems have been developed. The purpose of the strategies is to
improve the usage of basins in order to reduce discharge to the recipient. Both strategies
contain a predictive element by controlling based on short-term runoff prognoses.
Both strategies have been analyzed on simple, fictitious sewer systems. It has been shown
that both strategies can reduce recipient loading compared to non-controlled systems. The
two strategies have then been implemented on two cases of real sewer systems. From this
it has been shown that they function properly on real sewer systems.
For the analysis of the first control strategy a fictitious runoff prognosis has been used by
using recorded data from a rain gauge. It’s concluded that the strategy functions but is
generally too slow to be implemented in its current form.
For the analysis of control strategy 1 a runoff prognosis has been used developed from
nowcasts from a C-band-radar. It’s concluded that the strategy can control the system
and reduce recipient loading without causing flooding in the system
Publication date8 Jun 2017
Number of pages150
ID: 259415857