• Erik Friis Alkjærsig Sørensen
  • Emma Christensen
  • Signe Lyngholm Lindbjerg
This paper examines the power relations in interventions in the Somali Civil War, more specifically two interventions, UNOSOM II and Kenya's Operation Linda Nchi. The starting point for the paper is qualitative methods, the interpretation of texts. Theoretical perspectives of power and realism from Morgenthau, Krieg, and Gilbert provide the basis from which an approach to measuring power is formulated. This approach is being used to analyse the power relations between external and internal actors in the two interventions, with the purpose of further analysing what some of the hindrances to the termination of the Civil War have been and thereby understand what possible measures might be needed to counteract the hindrances. It is concluded that a better way to approach the conflict can be achieved by taking into account three key aspects: a realistic assessment of the situation in Somalia, allocating enough resources to the mission, and looking beyond self-interests.
Publication date19 Dec 2018
Number of pages42
ID: 291752805