• Rasmus Eklund
4. Term, Sound and Music Computing (Master Programme)
A large number of people produces and mixes their audio productions only with headphones. Consequently, because of acoustical differences including the inter-aural level and time differences, listening on loudspeakers might sound dissimilar compared to headphones. However, using Head Related Transfer Functions HRTFs, it is possible to simulate a loudspeaker setup using the binaural panning techniques. In this report an infrared based positional tracking system using non-individualised HRTFs to simulate a loudspeaker setup is conceptualised, designed and implemented. The system was evaluated on 20 participants to see if the addition of positional tracking increased the degree of externalisation. There was not found a significant difference between the only head movement and additional position conditions. Comparisons to previous studies were discussed and improvements for future experiments were proposed.
Publication date28 May 2019
Number of pages41
ID: 304586102