• Wided Bouchrika
4. term, Global Refugee Studies, Master (Master Programme)
The squatter settlement La Chacarita in Asunción, Paraguay is located by the river Paraguay. During the annual flooding, its lower-class residents literally move up to higher ground in the city centre surrounded by the higher institutions of state, security, education, church and history. Exploring how place and space interact in downtown Asunción, I challenge Michel de Certeau’s ideas of fixed place and hierarchy of agency (De Certeau, 1988, p.45; Vermeulen, 2015). Analysing the overarching structures and applying them to the micro-politics of three specific events in downtown Asunción, I argue that the intersection of power structures leads to the hierarchy being flipped with residents from La Chacarita becoming the main disciplinary system, shaping place and subjects - including state actors - thus implying empowering effects of place.
Publication dateMay 2021
Number of pages50
ID: 413095347