• Charlotte Niss
  • Henriette Louise Søgaard Lauridsen
4. term, Industrial Design, Master (Master Programme)
The project ‘Pillerne væk!’ deals with the process of medicating medicine abusers within home health care. Through field research within public health care, it is identified that much resources are spent on managing medication for commoners who cannot manage it themselves. The project’s solution to this problem includes the design of an automatic pill dispenser. Furthermore, work has been put into transforming the system that the product is part of. This results in changing the nurses’ focus from delivering the medication to paying more attention to the commoners’ health and adherence to the prescribed medication.
Through the entire process, the project has had a user oriented approach. Therefore, the designed solution pays regard to needs that are actually experienced today.
Publication date19 Dec 2012
Number of pages109
ID: 71790292