• Omar Esmail Mahmood
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
This thesis aims to highlight the less used parameters in the European Lighting Standards 12464 tables. After we developed a vision for the project, we started from the research question: How to address lighting quality in improving understanding of European lighting standards, 12464, and make it more applicable. Then two criteria were established for success, first consider the effect of a better understanding of the standards on design, and the second considers the effect of the distribution of lighting on the use of the place. This vision led to the problem statement: How can we encourage and motivate lighting designers to extend the concept of good lighting quality to all standards. A reference study was conducted on how the concept of lighting quality evolved, and how the researchers dealt with various parameters. Then an analysis was made of the current European specifications, to show the mechanism of its use and its effectiveness in working life. We concluded that cylindrical lighting and modeling are important parameters, but are not widely used. Therefore, the aim was to carry out a photometric and analytical study of these two parameters to simplify them. A model was designed by Dialux's room software, which was lit up with LED lights. The aim is to simplify the concept of cylindrical lighting, by studying the effect of changing room surfaces reflection factors on the amount of cylindrical lighting and modeling. Several tests were performed, in which the reflections of the ceiling and walls were changed. Then we changed the position of the measuring points and changed the arrangement of the light fixtures. As a result, we found that the brighter walls give higher cylindrical lighting values ​​and better modeling values. Also, the arrangement of lamps greatly affects the values ​​of cylindrical lighting and modeling, as the values ​​of cylindrical lighting decrease directly below the lamp, while it increases if the measurement point is between two lamps.
Publication date11 Jun 2020
Number of pages76
ID: 334039260