• Teresa Narciso
4. term, Geography, Master (Master Programme)
Determination of the risk of phosphorus leaching
to surface waters through surface and land
drainage transport. The project aims to analyze
and measure the leaching of P to the aquatic
environment through an evaluation of the
surface erosion from surrounding soils and from
agricultural drainage from the catchment. The
chosen case area for field measurement and
analysis is the Romdrup Å basin, located in the
eastern Aalborg Municipality. Through a
comparison of the different sources and their
rates, the risk of P accumulation can be predicted.
A visual combination of sources is carried out
through GIS. Data is collected through water and
measurement of suspended solids, input through
runoff and drainage, and land use analysis. The
Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation is used to
account for the overall soil loss from the
catchment. The NAM model (Mike11, DHI) is used
to study the distribution of soil moisture through
the different soil storages. In the final part, the
chosen methodologies are discussed in terms of
efficiency in answering the problem statement,
and hypothesis on further improvements are
Publication date1 Sept 2016
Number of pages60
ID: 239682238