Persuasive robotter: Potentiale og problematikker

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Maria Elisabeth Pertou
4. term, Persuasive Design, Master (Master Programme)
Persuasive robots that are part of our everyday lives might be Science Fiction, but in this thesis the goal is to find out how they can become a reality and what might happen if they do.
In order to find out what will be relevant for at robot to be able to act persuasively, the terms artificial intelligence and persuasion are being explored and subsequently collocated in order to find out what a persuasive designer should be aware of when designing persuasive robots that is meant to co-exist in close proximity with humans.
The design of a butler robot named Jeeves is the case in thesis which will be presented in the third part and examined further in the remaining chapters.
The purpose of the robot is to assist elderly in their everyday lives in order for them to become more self-sufficient.
Intentionality, adaptiveness, and autonomy are keywords that relate to both persuasion and artificial intelligence and in part 4 the terms will be explored in order to find out how they affect the design of persuasive robots.
The ethical implications that might follow the development of persuasive robots will be addressed in part 5.
In the sixth part the perspective is broadened which makes room for a discussion about possible future usage of persuasive robots.
Publication date31 May 2013
Number of pages176


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